Surveillance Services

What are surveillance services?

Surveillance services involve the monitoring of an individual or location to obtain information or evidence. This can be done for various reasons, including legal proceedings, personal safety, or business investigations. Surveillance services can include physical observation, digital monitoring, or a combination of both.

Why should I choose UKS Investigations for my tracing services?

At UKS Investigations, we pride ourselves on providing discreet and professional surveillance services. Our team of investigators are highly trained and experienced in surveillance techniques and have an ABI certification, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to quality. We understand the importance of discretion and will ensure that our surveillance services are conducted without alerting the subject or drawing attention to our activities.

Key features & benefits of surveillance services

The key features and benefits of surveillance services depend on the reason for surveillance services being booked. Here are a few examples:

  • Business investigations: Surveillance services can be used to monitor employees or third parties suspected of fraudulent activities or theft. The evidence gathered can help to support disciplinary action or legal proceedings.
  • Personal safety: Surveillance services can be used to monitor and track individuals who may pose a threat to personal safety. This can include stalking or harassment cases where evidence needs to be gathered for legal action.
  • Legal proceedings: Surveillance services can provide evidence for legal proceedings, such as in divorce cases or personal injury claims. The evidence gathered can be used to support a legal case or help to settle disputes.

Overall, surveillance services can provide valuable information and evidence in a discreet and professional manner. Contact UKS Investigations today to discuss your surveillance needs and how we can help.

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