Frequently Asked Questions About Private Investigator Services

What services do private investigators offer?

A private investigator offers a range of services including surveillance, background checks, tracing, fraud investigations, cheating partner investigations, and more. These services can be used by businesses and individuals alike, dependent on requirements. At UKS Investigations, we can investigate all of the above, as well as provide process serving, and status / pre sue reports.


Is hiring a private investigator legal?

Yes, it is legal to hire a private investigator, and the evidence they gather can be used in court. This can be useful in a range of cases, from employee fraud investigations to child custody cases. It is also particularly useful, in divorce cases where evidence of adultery can be presented to the court to ascertain blame. Private investigators can give testimony in court where required.


How much does it cost to hire a private investigator?

The cost of hiring a private investigator can vary depending on the type of investigation and the amount of work involved. If you have a job in mind, get in touch for a quote today.


How long does a private investigation take?

The duration of an investigation depends on the type of investigation and the complexity of the case. We can give you an estimate of how long the investigation might take once we have some details from you regarding the issue at hand. Get in touch with UKS Investigations today to find out.


Will the investigation be confidential?

Yes, UKS Investigations always maintain confidentiality and privacy throughout the investigation. One of our core values is to remain discreet. We will not disclose any information without your permission.


How can I be sure that information obtained during the investigation is accurate?

We use a variety of methods to gather information, including interviews, surveillance, and online research. Cross-checking information in this way enables us to provide hard evidence in the investigation. We also use photography and other technology to provide indisputable evidence where possible.


What qualifications should I look for when hiring a private investigator?

When hiring a private investigator, look for someone who a member of the ABI (Association of British Investigators). The ABI is a badge of quality for a private investigator, and they advocate for continuous professional development for all their members. You should also look for some core values of private investigators, including discreetness, trustworthiness, and experience. There is no regulation in the industry, so anyone can be a private investigator, but not just anyone should be.